Windows – How to access NFS share from Windows 7 pro

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Everywhere I see Windows and NFS, there is a mention of some kind of subsystem of unix apps or something like this, but apparently it's not in Windows 7 pro.

So the question is: what can I do to get access to NFS share from Windows 7 Pro? What to download, from where? Is there any commercial application, or is it just some free software installation?

Best Answer

I came in late, but here is a real solution: (opensource)

Was researching the same thing for win7 pro and found this:

The University of Michigan NFS v 4.1 client. This is the exact same client for NFS 4.1 that Microsoft included in Windows 8. (Indeed, Microsoft funded its development.) It is located here. However, it does take a little bit of knowledge to install. I have found it easily scriptable for installs on a mass scale, and certainly not a problem for installs on my home machine. download here: