Linux – How to access VNC on a Linux server without having been logged in to the machine first?

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I have a Linux server at home, and by default no-one is logged in to that box.

I'd like to establish a remote desktop connection to it with VNC but this fails, unless I log in first physically.

It's strange to me that VNC Viewer doesn't even ask for credentials, it just displays a "connection refused" error message.

What's the best way to do this? I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 on the server.

Best Answer

  • I believe that vnc is not the same as windows remote desktop - it is for screen sharing so if you are not logged in the vnc service won't be running.

    The solutions would be to set your home server to log in automatically or run an xserver on your remote computer and connect using ssh/putty. I used to use cygwin and always connected to my ubuntu box with ssh -X but just tried out xming and am impressed. After a full install if you run xlaunch, set to run fullscreen, and run gnome-session remotely connecting with putty - it is just like remote desktop and seems quicker than vnc on my lan.

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