Google-chrome – How to add a self-signed certificate as an exception in Chrome


I have a number of network devices that I access over HTTPS. However, they are self-signed certificates, so Chrome displays a warning page.

enter image description here

In earlier versions of chrome, I seem to remember an "add exception" button on this screen, or on the certificate's information window (if you clicked the HTTPS in the address bar). However, that has long since disappeared.

How can I add an exception for specific self-signed certificates in Chrome 28?

Best Answer

  1. Export the certificate from Chrome.

    • To view the certificate click Inspect on the page and go the the Tab Security: enter image description here
    • Now click on View Certificate and export the certificate by clicking on Copy to file... In the wizard choose Base 64 encoded .Cer. Now save the certificate on your Desktop. enter image description here
  2. Import the certificate into your trusted root certification authority store.

    • Go to Start | and run the command certmgr.msc.

    • Expand the tree to get to Trusted Root Certification Authorities | Certificates. Go to All Tasks, choose Import and import the certificate in question.


  • In chrome settings search for Manage certificates. Click on it and import the certificate under Trusted Root certificate Authorities.

    enter image description here