Windows – How to add missing options (control panel in start menu & date format) in Windows 10 Creators update?

date timestart-menuwindows 10

I recently updated to the Windows 10 creators update and noticed that the option to access the control panel was removed from the start menu and an option for the date time format as well.

Is there any way to get them back? See the below screenshots for more detail.

Time format settings
Control panel missing from start menu

Original Image

Best Answer

Likely easier than editing the registry Win X Menu Editor will let you put the control panel shortcut back.

For the date formats you should use the Control Panel advanced functions to set up custom schemes:

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click on the Clock, Language, and Region link.
  • Click on the Change date, time, or numbers formats link.
  • Under the Formats tab, click on the Additional settings button.
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