How to add text at bottom of pages using pdftk


I am wondering ho to put a link text at the bottom of all pages of a pdf file using pdftk. Appreciate your help.

Best Answer

  • You can make a clickable watermark using the stamp method. First make a pdf with your link. Create a blank page with your link in the position it needs to be in word or some other word processor (or make a html page) and save as pdf/print to pdf. So if your document is original.pdf and the hyperlink watermark you just made is link.pdf, the usage would be:

    pdftk original.pdf stamp link.pdf output final.pdf

    The final pdf will still have selectable text and your link will be stamped on top of the original content in the position you placed it, on every page of the original pdf. Obviously you need to include folder paths if the stamp and the original are not in the same folder

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