How to assign a keyboard shortcut for a powerpoint macro


I had written a VBA code for powerpoint to go to a specific slide while editing the slides.

However, I was unable to bind that to a shortcut key (I wanted to bind it to Ctrl+G).

In excel there is an Options button when you create a new macro – which is missing in powerpoint unfortunately. See image below.

Now I have pulled the macro to Quick Access Toolbar(QAT) for quick access – which I do not like. In order to keep it consistent with Excel, I want to use a general shortcut (especially Ctrl+G) to navigate to a particular slide

Best Answer

  • You can assign macros to ALT + Number (Alt + 1, Alt + 2, ...)

    On PowerPoint go to "Customize quick access toolbar"

    Customize quick access toolbar

    Choose "More commends"

    On the top middle part under "Choose Commands from" change form "Popular commends" to "Macros".

    Choose the macro you'd like to use and click "Add >>"

    Now, change the order of the list on the right with the up/down buttons on the right.

    If you put your macro on the 2nd place (for example) then after clicking Ok, you'll be able to use it with ALT + 2