MacOS – How to assign a keyboard shortcut to an application on Mac OS X

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I want to start an application, e.g. the Google Chrome browser, via a keyboard shortcut. How do I assign a keyboard shortcut to an application?

Additional information

I know there are other ways to launch an application such as

  • opening Spotlight via Cmd+Space and typing "Chrome" followed by the enter key or
  • installing Quicksilver and use it as the application launcher.

Both are cool ways, but I want it even faster — just a keyboard shortcut, accessible no matter what application has currently the focus.

What's the easiest way to accomplish that? I tried to fiddle in Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse under Keyboard Shortcuts, but failed.

I found a couple of resources on the web suggesting to create an Apple Script. But I don't know how that would work and I can't imagine that it would be so complicated to achieve such a simple goal.

Best Answer

If you do have QuickSilver loaded, you can create a keyboard trigger that will work anywhere. Create the command in the Trigger panel of the QuickSilver preference screen, then double click the line under the "Trigger" column to set the hotkey.

Note, if you are using Snow Leopard, you'll need the forked version in order to get it to work.