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In Windows device manager it is possible to "manually" start an automatic update of a device. But its very tedious, each device has to be clicked (as it is not known if that particular device has an update available) – then the popups have to be clicked – and one has to wait for the online search to finish.

So I hoped there is some Powershell script being able to do this, or maybe a registry entry to have "Windows Update" taking care of that.

(Ehm yes, Windows does NOT automatically update ALL devices in device manager).

Best Answer

  • The article Script to install or update drivers directly from Microsoft Catalog contains a PowerShell script for doing what is asked.

    The article includes good explanations of each part of the script. I reproduce below just the bare script with only minor changes (which I have not tested):

    #search and list all missing Drivers
    $Session = New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.Update.Session           
    $Searcher = $Session.CreateUpdateSearcher() 
    $Searcher.ServiceID = '7971f918-a847-4430-9279-4a52d1efe18d'
    $Searcher.SearchScope =  1 # MachineOnly
    $Searcher.ServerSelection = 3 # Third Party
    $Criteria = "IsInstalled=0 and Type='Driver' and ISHidden=0"
    Write-Host('Searching Driver-Updates...') -Fore Green  
    $SearchResult = $Searcher.Search($Criteria)          
    $Updates = $SearchResult.Updates
    #Show available Drivers
    $Updates | select Title, DriverModel, DriverVerDate, Driverclass, DriverManufacturer | fl
    #Download the Drivers from Microsoft
    $UpdatesToDownload = New-Object -Com Microsoft.Update.UpdateColl
    $updates | % { $UpdatesToDownload.Add($_) | out-null }
    Write-Host('Downloading Drivers...')  -Fore Green  
    $UpdateSession = New-Object -Com Microsoft.Update.Session
    $Downloader = $UpdateSession.CreateUpdateDownloader()
    $Downloader.Updates = $UpdatesToDownload
    #Check if the Drivers are all downloaded and trigger the Installation
    $UpdatesToInstall = New-Object -Com Microsoft.Update.UpdateColl
    $updates | % { if($_.IsDownloaded) { $UpdatesToInstall.Add($_) | out-null } }
    Write-Host('Installing Drivers...')  -Fore Green  
    $Installer = $UpdateSession.CreateUpdateInstaller()
    $Installer.Updates = $UpdatesToInstall
    $InstallationResult = $Installer.Install()
    if($InstallationResult.RebootRequired) {  
    Write-Host('Reboot required! please reboot now..') -Fore Red  
    } else { Write-Host('Done..') -Fore Green }

    A general-purpose and powerful package is PSWindowsUpdate.

    Here are a couple of tutorials on installing and using it :

    The package adds the Get-WUInstall command (and others) with which you may get and install updates. The source of Get-WUInstall is also available separately from github.

    Another example on its use is found in the article PS Script to automate Windows and MS Updates.

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