How to avoid Bluetooth interference between headphones and mouse


I have two Bluetooth devices: Logitech Laser Travel Mouse (probably this one, but white… hope that doesn't matter) and Ritmix RH-432 (sorry for language, but it's apparently Russian company and they don't have English version of site). They are connected to my desktop with ASUS USB-BT21 dongle.

The specifications of these products state:

  • ASUS USB-BT21 (dongle): Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP support;

    Modulations supported: GFSK (1Mbps), 4-DQPSK (2Mbps), 8-DPSK (3Mbps).

    With the integrated Bluetooth dongle of Toshiba NB200 (reported as 0930:0508 Toshiba Corp. Integrated Bluetooth HCI) everything is absolutely identical. I cannot currently do anything with that netbook because southbridge is dead.

  • Ritmix RH-432BTH (headset): Bluetooth 2.0 class 2 with A2DP support.

  • Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse: no technical info on manufacturer's website and on labels.

I use Linux with 2.6.32-24 kernel and bluez 4.60. Each of devices itself connects and works without any troubles.

The problem: when I connect both devices, transmit audio and move mouse, audio stops playing after a second, then, after I stop moving mouse and a 1.5-2 second interval it starts again, chopped, and after another second everything is ok again.

The audio is transmitted through PulseAudio as 44.1KHz 2-channel stream.

There are also some 2.4GHz WiFi networks, but as the problem occurs identically even when there are no networks in kilometers, they probably do not affect it.

Also I can say that when I touch mouse after a bit of idle time it does not begin to move immediately, but only after 200-300ms. So the dongle probably switches to some other kind of signal encoding (modulation, maybe?). This should be related to the very fact of data transfer, not amount, because just a single click produces all these destructive results, too.

upd: this annoys me so badly I have offered a +200 bounty, hope this would help a bit…

upd2: the 'captain obvious' style answers without any explanation aren't really helpful at all; I don't think I want to buy another device with a reason of just "it doesn't work"; and I can make such a decision without external help.

upd3: (after a year, yep) I've experimented a bit with different setups. Looks like recent bluez helps a bit, and mouse from Dell instead of Logitech too, and a noname Chinese "Bluetooth 3.0" dongle is surprisely better than the Asus one… but nevertheless, it does not work in the end. I really should go and try some other headphones.

Best Answer

Old Google Answers Thread:

Some devices can establish many connections at the same time with other devices (like your computer connected to a mobile phone modem, a bluetooth headset, and to another computer - the usb dongle is conected with 3 different devices at the same time). Other devices can only handle one connection at a time. But you can have as many different devices paired (your device "remembers" other devices it has "met") as many persons you can meet - or let's just say, unlimited,

It is quite possible that both just happen to have this limitation. Try going to Best Buy and buy-then-return the most expensive and high-end bluetooth dongle there. If the problem disappears, it's' your bluetooth devices. If not, you can follow another lead or you can take the time-is-money diehard purist approach and buy yourself an RF mouse.