Windows – How to block access to Facebook in Google Chrome


My daughter is addicted to this site, and this is having an adverse impact on her studies.

What methods are there to prevent her accessing Facebook in Google Chrome?

Kindly help

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  • If talking to her fails...

    I'm not sure how to do this specifically in Google Chrome. There might be an extension that can be installed that will block specified sites (which would obviously need to be password protected to prevent it being bypassed).

    But if you were to block Chrome, what is stopping another browser being used?

    You could block a specific website on the WHOLE PC by editing the Windows HOSTS file. You can then direct all requests to to an alternative IP Address (eg. - localhost - in other words nowhere!). Although depending how tech savvy your daughter is this can be changed back!

    To block (and other social networking sites) on your ENTIRE NETWORK you can change the DNS settings in your router to use an alternative, such as OpenDNS. If you then sign up to OpenDNS you can then block all sorts of websites by category. This is probably the most secure way if you are accessing the internet through a router as you can password protect the routers control panel to prevent changes to the DNS.

    You might consider allowing access to facebook at certain times of the day (a healthy compromise?), which I think OpenDNS might allow you to do as well?

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