How to block ads in Internet Explorer


I am looking for an ad blocker which works both in Internet Explorer 9 and all later versions. What options do I have?

I would prefer a solution that works without installing any 3rd party DLLs (something similar to
Adblock for Chrome).

Best Answer

IE's built-in Tracking Protection feature does ad blocking. No add-on needed.

You'll need to subscribe to a Tracking Protection List. Your choices range from bad to good.

galacticninja once pointed out that some Tracking Protection Lists block tracking content only, not just ads. But plenty of lists deal with ads:

  • TRUSTe: bad. TRUSTe is a for-profit corporation; its list overrides other lists and allows thousands of sources to bring in ads. Do not subscribe.

  • Abine: mediocre. Abine's lists have good star ratings there, but they don't block all ads. A line-count tool shows me that the "Abine Standard" list contains only a few hundred rules.

  • EasyList Standard: good. This list has a lower star rating there, but is far better. It includes more than 8,000 rules. I suspect that users rated it only three stars there because it was designed only for ad blocking, not for privacy protection.