How to block Youtube’s suggested videos


I find myself wasting far too much time watching Youtube videos. I start by watching a legitimate video, and then click on one of the suggested videos, and keep on going for hours.

Is there a way to block the suggested videos in Firefox or Chrome or Opera?

Specifically, I want to block:

  • The videos thumbnails displayed in the side bar on the right
  • The videos thumbnails shown at the end of playing a video
  • Optionally, links to other Youtube videos in the video itself, that the author has inserted.

I would prefer not to block ads, although this is not a requirement.

Best Answer

This can be achieved by using Adblock Plus on Firefox or Chrome. First install Adblock Plus. Then go into Adblock Plus' options (Filter preferences on Firefox) and create a custom filter. Then copy each of these lines separately into the filter list:


This will block the video thumbnails shown in the sidebar and at the end of the video. It should work for both the html5 and flash youtube players in Firefox. In Chrome to get this to work properly I needed to enable the html5 youtube player. Visit to opt into using the html5 player.

To block the links inside videos (annotations) go to your youtube settings page. Then go to the playback tab and disable the check box that says "Show annotations on videos".

If you don't want to block ads, just disable all the ad lists in Adblock Plus.