How to build a quiet computer from scratch


I like to build my own computers, but because I go for high spec parts they always end up being quite noisy.

I am always jealous of computers I use at work as they always seem very very quiet. However, I look on the suppliers website and they usually have a major caveat, such as no room for extra memory or no extra PCI slots.

Is it possible to build high spec PC's which run very quietly?

Best Answer

Read this excellent post

  1. The easiest way to build a quiet PC is to start with components that run cool.

  2. Minimize the number of fans in your system.

  3. Control the speed of your fans.

  4. Consider aftermarket cooling solutions.

  5. Dampen your hard drive.

  6. Use noise-reduction materials.

  7. Passive cooling isn't worth it.


The best way to quiet your PC is to begin with the right parts. So use:

  1. CPUs and video cards that run cool
  2. a quiet, efficient power supply
  3. hard drives that run relatively quiet as shipped

You most likely have to PAY to make your machine quiet by paying for better engineering and higher quality components.