How to capture screen video (with audio) using VLC media player

screen capturevlc-media-player

The steps below do sometimes result in a partial file which can't be played or some file without sound.

  1. Click Media -> Stream -> Capture Device -> Capture Mode = Desktop -> Stream
  2. Then select destination File = test.mp4, leaving Profile = Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4) intact, and setting FPS=24.
  3. Then press Stream button again. FLV player starts to count time, although Record button looks not pressed.
  4. Then I do some playback of web videos and window manipulations.
  5. Then press Stop button on VLC player.

How to perform complete task? Where is the audio capture setup (what device to capture)?

Best Answer

Ok, this isn't about VLC but I'm guessing the real question is "How do I easily record my desktop, with audio, preferably with a free open source app?"

I gave up on obscure VLC command lines and found another piece of software called ShareX, which is free and open source.

It's pretty easy:

  1. Download and install ShareX.
  2. Run it and click Capture->Screen Recording...
  3. It asks you if you want to automatically download ffmpeg.exe, say yes.
  4. Next go to Task Settings->Capture->Screen recorder->Options
  5. Change the video source to screen-capture-recorder (it's a bit fast in my experience), and the audio source to your microphone (or whatever).
  6. Use Capture->Screen Recording again.
  7. It will now even let you select the area of the screen to record!

This is much nicer than VLC. The only downside is that the colours seem a bit off for me - less bright than they actually were. I'm not overly bothered though.


In recent versions you can hold Shift to do square recordings and Alt to snap to common resolutions.