Windows – How to change the default font of gVim


Edit: I moved the original question to 'The docked gVim in Windows 7 jumps upon tab switch'

After struggling with my .vimrc, I am resorting to setting the font from windows registry instead, because without the guifont in .vimrc, everything works fine. The only registry mentioned I found was,


This is for MS command line, but it was not what I was looking for. Currently gVim is set to Fixedsys by default. The search though the registry for value fixedsys returned no result. My gut feeling is that one can change it through the registry setting. Is there such registry value?

Best Answer

The font was hardcoded into the binary of gvim.exe and vim.exe. I just search and fine through the binary for 'Fixedsys'. I changed that portion to with the name of font I wanted and it was all good. Any editor will do, but I used another vim (non-gui, cygwin) in this case, because vim is very good for opening a massive file. I did not need to recompile