How to change the default properties of Visio’s connector tool


I'd like to change the default properties of the connector tool in Visio from right-angled lines with an arrow head to curved lines without arrows at either end. Can this be done? If so, how?

Best Answer

  1. Open your diagram

  2. Menu -> File -> Shapes -> Show Document Stencil.

    New Stencil window shows up in left of screen, with lots of shapes!)

  3. Select the "Dynamic Connector"!

  4. Right mouse-click -> Edit Master -> Edit Master Shape

    Master Shape is opened for editing.

  5. Change the Line Colour, Line Thickness, Arrow Type etc!

  6. Close the Master Shape.

    You will be asked, do you want to save and update all linked items.

Notice: If you say yes, this will change the format of all of the connectors that were created using the "Dynamic Connector" This worked for me in VISIO 2007, and is not the general DEFAULT, but the default for the current document you are working on. I am guessing it can also be applied to the standard visio template, but I have not attempted that.