How to change the format of all pictures in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation


How do I change the format of all of the pictures in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation? I know how to change the format of one picture, but there are over 40 pictures in the deck and I do not want to have to change each one manually.

The change I want to make is simple: I want to add a border to each picture. How the border is added or what it looks like doesn't matter much. Right now I am right-clicking on the picture and clicking on Format Picture/Glow and Soft Edges and adding a 5pt Glow with a transparency of 0.

Best Answer

  • This little macro will do the job for you:

    Sub AddPictureBorders()
    ' Before running this, apply the style you want to one picture
    ' then use the formatting paintbrush to pick up the formatting
    ' This will apply the formatting to each picture.
    Dim oSh As Shape
    Dim oSl As Slide
    For Each oSl In ActivePresentation.Slides
        For Each oSh In oSl.Shapes
            With oSh
                ' ignoring linked pictures, OLE objects
                ' and such
                If .Type = msoPicture Then
                End If
            End With
    End Sub
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