How to change the number of columns on a putty window to more than the screen width


I am on windows and often have to ssh to linux machines. Though as much as I would love to have an alternate ssh client, none really comes part to Putty. One thing or the other always breaks, even in putty the numpad becomes unusable. Anyway, I want to set the putty's window's width to more than my screen allows. So I can scroll horizontally to view it. The reason being that I run select * commands and those long records occupy many lines each affecting readability. Thanks!

Best Answer

  • PuTTY doesn't support that. What you can do is pipe your output through less with the -S option, which tells it not to wrap long lines, and use the left and right arrow keys to scroll sideways:

    your_command | less -S

    (Note that that will only work if the command is invoked from a shell, but not from within an SQL client or some such.)

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