Windows – How to change the windows domain password from Mac OS X


Macs work well in Windows corporate environments, but a lot of companies require you to change your password after a period of time (3 months for example).

How do you change your Windows domain password without having to boot a PC?

Best Answer

From the terminal:

$ smbpasswd -U username -r DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_IP

$ smbpasswd -h
When run by root:
    smbpasswd [options] [username]
    smbpasswd [options]

  -L                   local mode (must be first option)
  -h                   print this usage message
  -s                   use stdin for password prompt
  -c smb.conf file     Use the given path to the smb.conf file
  -D LEVEL             debug level
  -r MACHINE           remote machine
  -U USER              remote username
extra options when run by root or in local mode:
  -a                   add user
  -d                   disable user
  -e                   enable user
  -i                   interdomain trust account
  -m                   machine trust account
  -n                   set no password
  -W                   use stdin ldap admin password
  -w PASSWORD          ldap admin password
  -x                   delete user
  -R ORDER             name resolve order
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