Windows – How to configure proxy settings for all apps, system, IE etc

PROXYwindows 8

I am using Windows 8 Enterprise (MSDN), behind a proxy.

I configured the proxy in IE network settings (actually, not a proxy, but a .pac file with config), and when trying to connect to the internet, everything works fine in IE – however, the rest of the system seems not to use those settings.

So.. concrete case: add and remove features (like Hyper-V or .Net Framework 3.5) seems to go online for every single feature. This constantly fails. I cannot add any features.

Another concrete example: inside a Hyper-V guest, I cannot get internet access.

It would also be nice, if (on top of that) everything would work correctly (all apps and everything else, like the system, using the same proxy settings).

How can I configure proxy settings for all apps, system, IE etc?

Best Answer

The proxy settings for WinHTTP are not the proxy settings for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
You cannot configure the proxy settings for WinHTTP in the Microsoft Windows Control Panel.
Using the WinHTTP proxy configuration utility does not alter the settings you use for Internet Explorer.

To configure a system wide proxy do

netsh winhttp set proxy myproxy


if you want to use IE proxy settings for all programs, try

netsh winhttp import proxy source =ie


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