How to copy a master slide


I am building a series of master slides in LibreOffice The slides are very similar.

The obvious idea would be to make a single master slide, copy it, and adapt it.

I did not find a way to do that: Ctrl-C seems disabled, and 'Duplicate slide' is disabled, too.

How do I copy a master slide?

Is there a better way of doing very similar master slides (maybe some way of inheriting from a parent master slide)?

Best Answer

  • If Insert-->Duplicate slide is disabled, try this:

    • Save your master slide you want to copy (main.odp)
    • Save another copy of it to another file (new.odp)
    • Open up the initial (main.odp) file so you have two impress windows open
    • Open up the master view in each impress window
    • Drag the master you want to make a copy of to the slide canvas in the center of the impress window (not the left slide pane)
    • Now you will have a copy of the slide master you dragged over added to the bottom of the slide pane list
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