How to copy all text in edited file from PuTTY to clipboard


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PuTTY how to select text and copy text using keyboard ONLY

I want to copy all text from file that I see in PuTTY to my Windows session.
Something that in Windows would be done with Ctrl + A.

What is the equivalent in PuTTY?


What I actually have is a long text file.
In Putty I can forward to the "next page" using Ctrl + V or simply going down with the arrow rows. The limit of row that I can see is with the height of my screen. If I could to see all of them I would simply mark them and copy them.. But I can't….

Think of it like a 400 pages long of word document you simply click Ctrl + A in the document and then you can copy it all. This is what I need in PuTTY.

Best Answer

You can select all text in PuTTY by clicking the title bar icon and selecting "Copy all to clipboard":

putty select all

This will only copy the entire scrollback buffer. If your file is longer than the scrollback buffer, you will have to increase it. This can be done under "Window"->"Lines of scrollback".

putty scrollback