How to copy only certain parts of a DVD and burn them to a different DVD


I have DVDs (movies and TV shows, that is) that I would like to backup for my own use but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. I've been using DVD Decrypter to get the files from the DVDs but my problem is that I only want the main DVD content, not special features, etc. I can rip an ISO, compress it with something like DVD Shrink and then burn it to a DVD but that includes all of the extra stuff I don't want. Is there a way to burn just the VOB and IFO files that I want back to a DVD in such a way that the disc will play on a regular DVD player?

Thanks for the help.

Edit: So there's no way to simply burn the VOB files onto a blank DVD and have the disc work in DVD players? I have to use DVD re-authoring software? In other words, I can't just burn the proper files and have it work, right?

Best Answer

DVD Shrink can do this if you use the "Re-author" mode. No need to rip it first - just go to "open disc", then click on "Re-author". From there you can add the titles you want, as well as removing unnecessary audio tracks.

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