How to copy text from window text editor to nano/vi in a Putty window


I was following some guide to create key-pair for my remote linux system, one of the steps being copy the public key generated and saved on my local computer to the authorized-keys file on remote computer.
I tried ctrl + c and then ctrl + v to nano/vi editor in the "putty" window, but it doesn't work(nothing appears in the editor). Do I really have to manually type in the keys or there is some other way to copy and paste it?

Best Answer

You can of course use the mouse, but that runs the risk of accidentally selecting/pasting due to mouse-movement.

PuTTY recognizes ShiftInsert for pasting from the clipboard. This works reliably (key bounce is rare). You can also change the behavior of the right-click to get a menu, as noted in Greg Ferro's page.

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