Windows – How to create a virtual floppy drive

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I am trying to install a program which requires me to have a floppy disk in my machine while the installation is going on.

I found a program called Virtual Floppy Drive that allowed me to create the drive and copy files to it, but it only works on 32-bit systems.

When I try to run it on Windows 7 64-bit, it gives me an error saying the virtual drive can't run on 64-bit systems.

I also tried using the subst a: c:\myadrive in the command prompt, and it does not work.

Is there another way to accomplish this?

Best Answer

The main download page for Virtual Floppy Drive is It supports Windows 7 64-bit.

But there are comments on the Sourceforge page saying it does not work in Windows 7 64bit. One user (toantu) found a way and posted a comment further down.

  1. First copy the content of virtual floppy folder to C:\temp\.

  2. Download dseo13b.exe, install ... right click and choose run with administrator, select enable test mode, reboot, run it again with administrator, select sign a system file, type in C:\temp\vfd.sys

  3. Go to C:\temp\ folder, right click vfd.exe, choose properties, go to compatibility tab, select run this program in compatibility mode for XP and also select run this as an administrator, select driver tab, select browse, select vfd.sys, press install and start. Go to drive0 tab, select change, choose A for your drive, OK. Now select open/create, click create and hopefully your drive will be activated in Windows 7 64-bit. You must run all of the above with administrator right by the way, and make sure you have 64-bit version of 2 files vfd.dll & vfd.sys