Windows – How to create app shortcut in Windows 8 / Windows 10


For some apps (for example, Outlook) I can easily create a shortcut by hitting the start menu, typing in "Outlook" and right-click, open file location, and then I can right-click to Create Shortcut, or right-click-and-drag to Create Shortcut.

For other apps (for example, Mail) this does not work. When I right-click Mail, there is no "Open File Location."

I think the problem affects all windows store apps (but I could be wrong about that).

How can I create a shortcut to those apps? For example, how can I create a shortcut to Mail?

Best Answer

  • I have placed this in an answer format as apposed to a comment only because it is a new enhancement that many people would likely want to use it.
    Click on the Start button -> All Apps -> left click on "Mail" (or the windows store app required to short cut) and drag the icon to the desktop. This creates the short cut.
    This option was added in build 9860 Source:
    Windows 10: Store apps can now have shortcuts on the desktop.

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