How to create SSH tunnel with PuTTY to connect Neo4j database


In my school work I have to use computer on which is installed Neo4j database client. I want to connect to this computer from my laptop. I had this configuration set but my system crashed and now I don't know how to do this.

My tutor send me this:

ssh [login]@["address"] -p 10022


ssh [login]@["address"] -p 10022 -L7474:localhost:7474

And I configured it this way in PuTTY:

enter image description here

In tunnel config I typed 7474:localhost:7474 into Source port block and [login]@["address"]:10022 into Destination.

When I press Open, it starts, I type my password to log in but when I type localhost:7474 in my browser, the site will not load.
I suppose that information which have been sent to me are correct. Did I something wrong? Please can somebody explain me how to do this?

Best Answer

  • The syntax of -L switch of ssh is

    -L [bind_address:]port:host:hostport


    • port (7474) is an equivalent of Source port in PuTTY
    • host:hostport (localhost:7474) is an equivalent of Destination in PuTTY

    The login@address is not part of tunnel configuration.

    The two commands you got from tutor are not to be used together. The first is normal SSH login. The latter is SSH login that also creates a tunnel. What you want to mimic is the latter command only.

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