Windows – How to cut off access for one user to one particular partition

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How can I cut off access for one particular user to one partition on Windows 8.1?

I created a GuestUser account (Prey did it for me), but it is a local user (without administrator permissions), because I want him to connect to WiFi networks. However, I want him to be blocked from using the D: partition, particularly: opening, executing, editing, deleting and adding files which are on it.

How can I restrict access for just this user account?

Best Answer

As I said before, I used standard user group management and their permission.

  1. I created additional user group for GuestUser named GuestAccounts.
  2. In D partition properties go to 'Security' tab. Then press 'Advanced'.
  3. Press 'Change permissions', then add some restriction for GuestAccounts (or just GuestUser).

That's all :)

Thanks Scott for your advices! :)