Word – How to deal with an HP laptop with lost power-on password


My neighbor has asked me help with his laptop, an HP with lost power-on password. I tried inserting an Ubuntu cd to format the partition, but well… it doesn't even get there. Any ideas?

Best Answer

As MaQleod said - wiping the BIOS settings is the only way to go.

A few notes though:

Laptops often don't have a battery specifically for the BIOS but often either draw power from the main battery or use an EEPROM (flash memory) that needs no battery.

You can sometimes wipe the BIOS by removing the laptop battery and leaving the laptop unplugged for an extended period (I'm talking weeks here), but if the laptop's using flash memory that won't work.

The only other option is to locate a set of CMOS Clear jumpers / solder pads on the motherboard and join those together with a screwdriver / wire to try and wipe the BIOS. Finding it could be hard though.