Linux – How to detach from a controlling terminal from the command line


I know about nohup and it won't do what I want:


$ nohup sleep 600 2>/dev/null >/dev/null </dev/null&
[1] 21844
$ ps -ef | fgrep -e 'sleep
> TTY'
me       21844 19313  0 09:37 pts/9    00:00:00 sleep 600

As you can see, sleep still has pts/9 as a controlling terminal. I don't want it to have any controlling terminal. Partly because the program I want to use (it isn't sleep if you haven't guessed) tries to open the controlling terminal to ask me questions and I want to see how it behaves if it can't. How do I make this happen?

Best Answer

  • This is a FreeBSD solution, but perhaps a similar technique will work for your OS.

    I know cron isn't exactly the command line, but if you have a specific command list you want to run, cron can do that. You'll likely want to avoid having cron run the job repeatedly, perhaps by crafting a wrapper around your desired command list, something like:

    [ -f /tmp/my-semaphore-file ] || {
      touch /tmp/my-semaphore-file
      my_command_stack > /dev/null 2>&1

    Inelegant perhaps for production use, but if you just want to test how your command stack performs with no controlling terminal, that will do it. The wrapper will not allow cron to run the command again until you:

    rm /tmp/my-semaphore-file

    at(1) is also an option, and is "almost" a command-line solution:

    echo 'my_command_stack > /dev/null 2>&1' | at now+1 minute
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