How to determine if a network switch has sufficient bandwidth to support PC to PC transfers at the same time as internet access


I have a problem with a switch that will allow high traffic between two PCs yet this transfer interferes​ with a third that wants to get through the switch to a router and on to the internet. As a result I need a switch that knows to route traffic to specific ports instead of broadcasting all traffic to all ports.

All 3 PCs are on the same subnet.

Imagine that I want to keep Netflix flowing even if two other computers on the same subnet are transferring files between their windows shares.

Originally I bought a Cisco/Linksys SE1500 "switch"
on Amazon and found that the traffic from the two PCs was blocking all the other ports.

Back when I used to buy switches they kept a MAC address table in memory and switched traffic to where it should go.

Maybe the problem has to do with the capacity of the backplane of the cheap switch that was causing the blocking. I don't really understand how to shop for what I want in this price range.

How can I determine whether a switch I am looking at online will have the capacity I need?

Best Answer

I installed the Netgear GS108E and lo and behold, the problem is solved.

This is a whole different world now. Much more like I had in mind.

Thank you all for the guidance, especially @Mokubai.

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