Windows – How to disable Caps Lock/ Num Lock notification Windows 10

windows 10

I have a Lenovo y50-70 and whenever I press the caps lock or num lock this notification appears and I don't know how to disable it:

I have been searching all day but I can't a solution that works with windows 10, one solution was to open [regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Widcomm > BTConfig > General > KeyIndication, and change the value of "KeyIndication" from "1" to "0"] but it's already "0". the other was to

  • go to Control Panel -> Display -> Screen Resolution.
  • Click on Advanced settings.
  • Click on the On-Screen Display tab.
  • Choose whether to have the indicators show for a few seconds or always show the indicators.

but I can't find On-Screen Display tab in windows 10 so this solution didn't work also, so can anyone help me it's really annoying especially when i'm playing it closes the game to show me the notification.

Best Answer

  • No windows version has those icons and windows 10 is one of them. That comes from Lenovo computers. Check with them, not microsoft.