Windows – How to disable irrelevant Windows Updates

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I have Microsoft Office installed, but only Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I do not have Outlook installed, and do not use it. Or Windows Mail or something similar.

Nevertheless, Windows always wants to install a : Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Junk Email Filter

Why? How can I tell it to go away? Hiding he update does nothing as it will come back when there is a new one or if I reboot.

It also wants to install updates for Windows Defender, which I have removed and do not use…..

edit: I found this site, which basically has no solution. I am scenario 2, and I want to avoid the update continually being recommended to me.

Best Answer

If you go to the Windows Update site and select "Custom" it will search for all the updates it thinks you need. Find the one you don't want, expand the details by clicking on the + icon and then select "Don't show this update again".