How to disable notification about updates on startup in KDE 5


I want to handle all updates manually (through aptitude in my case) and to not have any kind of automatic updates, nor do I want to receive any notifications about updates.

What I tried:

  1. I've unchecked checkbox "Check for updates" as per forum thread. This checkbox in KDE5 is in /usr/bin/sorware-properties-kde window. This window can also be opened through: Discover > Settings (in sidebar) > "hamburger" menu in the top right corner > "Software sources" > "Updates" tab.

  2. I have also set "Automatically check for updates" in /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk window to "Never".

  3. There is an old question Disable automated updates (and notifications) in Kde Debian, but it seems that it does not apply to KDE5.

Just after logging into KDE, I receive a notification about needing to do updates.

How do I disable this unwanted notification at startup of KDE? What drives this notification? Is it some automatic check for updates? Or is just having some information about updates in the system enough for the notification to appear? How do I disable the underlying check for updates that drives this notification, if there is such a check?

Best Answer

  • Packagekit will check for updates upon login and refresh package lists through a systemd unit.

    Then there is software that uses packagekit like Discover to check if there are update packages. Discover uses the system tray to show the number of update packages.

    Then there are notifications popping up when new packages become available also by Discover which are made through the notifications system.

    To just disable the notification search for Notifications in settings and go to the Discover event source to change how notifications are registered.

    Notifications settings

    You can also remove Discover from the system tray. By configuring the panel, hovering over system tray and clicking configure. Then from that dialog deselect the "Updates" tray item.

    System Tray settings