Linux – How to disable the ‘kill’ command on Linux

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I want to disable all kill commands (including root user). I have tried to change permissions, but it still can be executed. Is there a way to do that?

Best Answer

"Disabling" kill for root, even if it was possible, would most likely have unwanted side-effects, like system scripts malfunctioning, and in the worst (but likely) scenario it would prevent your computer from starting up properly (or even shutting down properly).

For a user, too, it would cause issues. I have, for example, scripts that I run as an unprivileged user, that checks to see if certain processes are running using kill -0 $pid. Those scripts would stop working.

For yourself, you could alias the kill command to something else, like echo "kill":

$ alias kill='echo "kill"'

That would prevent kill from doing anything useful on the command line at least:

$ kill -s HUP $$
kill -s HUP 11985