Windows – How to disable the screen orientation hotkeys in Windows (XP)

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I'm using Eclipse in Windows XP. One of my favorite shortcuts is CTRL+ALT+DOWN (or CTRL+ALT+UP) to duplicate a line.

I just found that on this machine (XP ThinkPad, with NVIDIA graphics driver), this is has the effect of fliping the screen upside down, which I will rarely use.

How can I disable this? Or, if that is difficult, is there a way to give Eclipse hotkeys precedence over any other hotkeys? I'm not sure if this is an OS 'feature' or a background utility, or a function of the graphics driver, but any suggestions that would help me track this down and eliminate it would be appreciated.

I've looked through the choices on the NVIDIA control panel, and I don't find any hotkey options.

Best Answer

  • I have not tested on AMD/ATI graphics, but I know for a fact that all Intel drivers do this and some Nvidia drivers.

    Simply go in to the configuration tool of your driver and look under a section called hotkeys and disable it.

    For Intel:

    Screenshot from the Intel specific display driver