Windows – How to disable Win+Ctrl+N hotkey that opens Narrator settings in Windows 10

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It's easy enough to disable the main Narrator hotkey Win+Ctrl+Enter (in the very settings mentioned in the title), but there's seems to be no solution to disable

Win+Ctrl+N that launches the settings dialog.

At least this solution doesn't work. And no answer has been supplied for this question.

Am I really to change a well-memorized keyboard shortcut I used to have been using in VSCode under Windows 7, because… Windows. Any ideas?

Best Answer

I found another solution, you might want to try.

There are two programs that can help you to turn off specific Windows hotkeys, they are SharpKeys and AutoHotkey.

SharpKeys allow you to turn off a specific hotkey or adjust it to another key as you want. Meanwhile, AutoHotKey will help you to turn off a specific hotkey by adding a script.

Take a look at the following article: