Windows – How to disable Windows 10 memory compression

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my former wrong assumption:
it drains my notebook battery and I've no shortage of RAM.
In Task manager you see ntoskrnl.exe is eating more CPU time than any other process.
this feature does not appear to be optional and came 2 days ago with the 1st Win10 Update (Win10Pro in my case).


I want to disable it, at least to exclude it as a culprit for my (unproven) assumptions.
That process never came to my attention in the last 2 months and in task manager's long name it's called "system memory and compressed memory".

Best Answer

This is a good feature to avoid paging (writing data to pagefile.sys on the HDD) .

If you want to test your Windows 10 without memory compression, start powershell as admin

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and run the command Disable-MMAgent -mc and reboot. This disables the compression. To enable it later again, run again powershell as admin and run the Enable-MMAgent -mc command.