How to do about a slow shared internet connection?

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I am in a student residence, and the internet acces provided (cablecom / studentcom) is very slow. results:

ping (ms)  download (mbps)  upload (mbps)
112        0.2              fail
60         0.17             fail
59         0.12             fail
60         0.19             0.04

What can I do about that ?

The first and obvious thing to do is warn the society, but this has already been done.

An other possibility is to get a smartphone, and use it as an wifi acces point. But that's expansive, and most of the phone providers don't allow it.

I wonder if there are some software that can diagnose network and help troubleshooting.
I also wonder if they are software to soak up more bandwith like orbit, but for the whole browser (not just only downloads).

Best Answer

If you can't upgrade your connection then you can optimize the bandwidth usage, something like an old PC can be installed as a linux proxy server/router, that can allow for:

  • The proxy server (squid) will store locally frequently visit websites and images, that can reduce your bandwidth needs and gives you the effect of a fast connection.

  • The router/firewall functions in Linux allows you to limit traffic in a more balanced way so the bandwidth available is distributed fairly between all users.

  • If possible, you can block some services and types of traffic so the bandwidth is used on really important things.

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