Firefox – How to do DNS through a proxy in Firefox


I am using Firefox 3.5.7 with FoxyProxy. I have an ssh tunnel forwarding 8080 through to an HTTP proxy server on the other end. With FoxyProxy, I send work traffic direct but everything else goes through the proxy server. DNS lookups, though, still go to work's DNS servers for resolution. Is there an add-on that can funnel certain DNS traffic to the OS but shove everything else through my ssh tunnel? It's a long shot, but it never hurts to ask….

Best Answer

  1. In firefox type this in your address bar:


  2. Click that you promise to be careful.

  3. In the filter textbox, type: proxy

  4. Find the preference name called network.proxy.socks_remote_dns. Double click it to set it to true.

Firefox will now proxy DNS requests instead of trying to resolve them locally.