Word – How to downgrade Office 2013 to 2010


I recently installed MS Office 2013. It's all working fine so far apart from one thing – no compatibility with Mendeley. This is a big deal for me as I have thousands of references stored in Mendeley and several papers in need of review which also depend on Mendeley for reference management.

Since apparently it will be a month or so until Mendeley release version 1.9 which should bring support for Word 2013:

1) How do I get back my installation of Office 2010?

2) Can I restore just Word 2010 and keep Outlook, Excel, etc as 2013?

Best Answer

    1. There are some downgrade rights reserved for Volume License and Software Assurance customers. With that said, these customers can go all the way back to Office 07 Pro Plus or Standard. There are no downgrade rights for end-user consumers (OEM, PKC and FPP do NOT offer downgrade rights), you can probably still find Office 2010 from Amazon or the like though, uninstall Office 2013 and install Office 2010.
    2. You might like to check Microsoft Install or remove individual Office programs and components to uninstall a particular feature and install the other feature separately, I wonder that might work.


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