Outlook – How to edit the HTML source code of an email in Outlook 2010 without any add-ins


I need to be able to make HTML custom emails with div tags, formatting, and such, and I need to be able to send it with Outlook 2010.

How is this possible?

Best Answer

Here is the solution for Outlook 2010/2013, without any plug-in but with Notepad++:

  1. Open Notepad++, create a new file and save it in a temporary folder with a .html extension.
  2. Click on Run > Send via Outlook; this opens a mail with your HTML code.

Beware that not using a .html extension, such as .txt, might create a new email with an attachment, rather than a new HTML formatted message.

Note the following image shows the French language translation of Notepad++. In English use the "Run" menu. Send via outlook