How to embed an HTML file into a PowerPoint presentation


Is there anyway to embed an HTML file that is stored locally into a PowerPoint presentation?

I know I can paste the link in the presentation and then click the link to open it in the browser but I'm wondering if it is possible to actually render the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the presentation itself?

To be clear I'm looking for a way to do this with a local HTML file without any 3rd party software or add-ins b/c strict IT regulations on my offices computers.

Best Answer

  • You can't with PowerPoint by itself but there are add-ins such as LiveWeb:

    LiveWeb is just one example and their website is pretty self explanitory how to use it.

    In order to install an Add-In:

    1. Click the Office button at the top left of PowerPoint, click PowerPoint Options, and then Add-Ins
    2. In the Manager list, click Powerpoint Add-ins, then Go.
    3. In the Add-Ins dialog, click Add New
    4. In the Add New PowerPoint Add-In box browse for the one you wish to add (in this case wherever you saved LiveWeb to) and click OK
    5. Click Enable Macros and then Close.