How to emulate context menu key when there’s none on keyboard

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Imagine a keyboard that lacks Win key. That's easy to emulate – you just press CtrlEsc. However, on the keyboard I have now, there's no "right mouse" key (or "context menu" key or whatever it might be called – it's usually placed close to AltGr and bears the sign of three horizontal bars or something).

I'm very used to pressing that key and not having it around slows me down (not to mention the annoyance aspect). How can I emulate it on this limited keyboard?

Best Answer

I think you're looking for Shift + F10.

EDIT: Some smaller keyboards require you to use the Fn key in combination with F1 - F12 to use them. Most of the time you can 'function lock' with Fn + CapsLock or change the default behavior of the F keys in the BIOS.