Windows – How to enable hardware virtualization on a MacBook


I need to enable hardware virtualization on my MacBook Air 2013. I want to run the Windows Phone 8 emulator, which requires hardware virtualization. I am running Windows 8 in boot camp. On my old PC, I enabled it through the BIOS, but this option won't work for a MacBook.

The MacBook Air 2013 has a i5-4250U processor, which is on Intel's list of Virtualization Technology supported processors.

How would this be done?

In the performance tab of Task Manager, Virtualization appears to be disabled.enter image description here

Best Answer

After hours of searching the internet, I discovered how to enable virtualization in Boot Camp. Instead of booting into Windows by holding the option key on startup, boot in to OS X. Then go to System Preferences -> Startup Disk and choose your Boot Camp partition. The computer will restart and boot into Windows, with virtualization enabled.