How to enter a TAB character in the Notes field in KeePass 2.x


Is there any way to easily enter a tab character in the "Notes" text-field in KeePass 2.x? In that particular field I use it to format information (so it lines up).

Some title:           text
Some other title:     text
And another:          text

The Tab key will move focus to a different control (as will Win+Tab on this machine) and Ctrl+Tab will switch tabs at the top of the form.

I can copy a tab character from another document (like Notepad) and paste it in that field, and it works as expected – but that's cumbersome. Does anyone know of a direct-input method?

Best Answer

I just tried this in version 1.14 of KeePass under Windows XP SP3:

Alt+0009 (numbers entered on the numeric keypad)

And voila! A tab character was entered into the editor, per your request. :)