Chrome – How to extract current chrome browsing session from HDD of a broken laptop

google-chromehard drivesession

The HDD is OK. I am accessing it via SATA-USB cable on a different computer.

I have extracted all data before I will send it to repair but I had some important tabs open and I would like to find my current browsing session.

Where is that stored?

Best Answer

It's stored in Chrome's profile. The profile resides in:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

You can copy this entire folder and restore it on another PC to the same location (username can differ).

You can get permission issues while copying because the old profile is owned by another user. You can change owner and permissions in folder's properties. (This won't be an issue if you'll be moving the profile with an intermediate FAT32-formatted media, such as most flash drives.)


If you were signed in to Chrome, there's a chance that your tabs were synced to Google's servers. Go to History (Ctrl+H) and click Tabs from other devices on the left. If you had your tabs synced to the same Google account that you're currently signed into, you'll see your tabs.