How to extract only some specific folders from a tar.gz archive


Let's say I have the archive website.tar.gz, inside is the following folder structure :


When I extract the achive, it recreates exactly the same folder hierarchy (of course). I was hoping there was a way to extract for example only the "coolwebsite" folder to whichever folder I'm in at the moment.

So if I'm on my server in mydir/ and I extract website.tar.gz, I want the result to be the coolwebsite folder, without all the preceding folders. Is that possible ?

Best Answer

  • Just try this:

    tar xvf tarfile --strip=4 ./home/mike/www/coolwebsite/*

    should remove to 4 levels of directories (including ".")

    EDIT: add option z (i.e. tar xzvf ...) if the input file is gzip'ed

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