How to find out the model of the wifi/bluetooth chip


I have a laptop running Windows 7. Recently bluetooth has been failing and I'm struggling to find out why.
It could be the drivers so I'd like to update them, I believe the wifi/bluetooth chip is Intel.

The Intel site offers a couple of tools that scan the system and report back on the make and model number – but as far as I can tell all they do is check what driver is already installed, not the actual hardware.

I'm pretty sure I have the wrong driver installed so it is of no help in telling me what I actually have.

Is there a tool out there that will physically interrogate the internal hardware to give me the correct model number?

Best Answer

    1. Open the properties for your unknown device in Device Manager.
    2. Go to tab Details.
    3. Open Property: Hardware Ids
    4. In Value, you'll see something like USB\VID_8087&PID_0A2A&REV_0001.

    That's all the information needed to identify the device. In this example my HP EliteBook 820 has:

    Usually you can simply Google for the VID + PID and get link to the driver download page. For the latest driver downloads always prefer the site from the chipset manufacturer.