Excel – How to find out which parts of an Excel workbook are the biggest in size

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I have an Excel .xlsx that weights 47MB. I'd like to know which parts of the workbook are the heaviest and work them, since I haven't made much progress manually trying to identify and reduce the filesize. Is there any way of knowing findout out how much each sheet weights in an Excel workbook?

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Didn't mean to answer my own question but I found out how to do it afterwards. So here's the deal:

  1. First, make a copy of the file, rename it as .zip, open it and navigate to [zipfile]\xl\worksheets\ There you'll see the .xml files with their uncompressed size. For instance: Excel workbook structure example

  2. Identify the biggest worksheet, in this case sheet6.xml

  3. Open the file [zipfile]\xl\_rels\workbook.xml.rels and find out the corresponding relationship id of the previously identified worksheet.xml. In this case the r:id of sheet6.xml is 10: Excel workbook structure example

  4. Open the file [zipfile]\xl\workbook.xml. Using the rid of the big .xml file you got above and the structure of workbook.xml (shown below), find out the name of the big sheet in your workbook.

Excel workbook structure example